Bills to Watch

Each year, just when you think it can’t get any worse in Sacramento, dozens of “crazy bills” are introduced that raise taxes and fees, make it harder to do business in California, and just don’t make any sense.

Senator Stone has put together a list of some of these bills currently under consideration in both the State Assembly and Senate so that you can follow their progress.

Simply click on the link to read the bills.

AB 1884 – Plastic Straw Ban:

AB 2351 – Income Tax Increase:

AB 2529 – Real Estate Tax --

AB 2943 – Outlawing the Bible:

AB 3080 – Banning Settlement Arbitration:

AB 3087 – Price Fixing Healthcare:

ACA 20 – Raising Corporate Income Tax:

SB 57 – Closing Aliso Canyon --

SB 174 – Paying Undocumented Workers:

SB 562 – Single Payer Healthcare --

SB 623 -- New Water Tax:

SB 1121—Penalize Companies for being Hacked:

SB 1328 – Vehicle Miles Tax:

SB 1392 – No Prison Enhancements:

SB 1393 – No Prison Enhancements:

SCA 6 – Local Taxes Reduced to 55% vote: