Darla Burkett, CVRM Executive Director, named Woman of the Year

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

 Darla Burkett, Executive Director of the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

Sacramento, Ca. -- Darla Burkett, Executive Director of the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, has been named Woman of the Year in the 28th Senate District by State Senator Jeff Stone.

“Darla exemplifies the best of the best here in the 28th District,” said Senator Stone. “She goes about the business of helping others by working in the background, and not seeking credit, to bring a voice to those not typically heard and services to those who want to lift themselves up.”

Darla was honored on March 28th during the CVRM graduation ceremony for program participants who have completed Gateway or New Life Programs and received their graduation certificate.

District Director Glenn Miller presented a Senate resolution on behalf of Senator Stone, who was unable to attend because the state Senate was in session in Sacramento.

Darla Burkett, Executive Director of the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission

A lifelong Coachella Valley resident, Darla started her tenure at CVRM in 2004, and has been energized, blessed and grateful every day in the work that she does.

In her words, “the best part of her job with the Rescue Mission is combining her business knowledge with the ministry of the Mission and witnessing positive change in so many people.”

Since 1971, the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission has been an oasis and a place of refuge for the homeless and needy in the area.  CVRM is a safe haven, a place of rest for the weary and a place where daily physical and spiritual needs may be met.

Over the years, the mission has continued to meet the ever-growing needs of individuals, who for a variety of reasons, have found themselves without the basic necessities of life.

A dedicated staff, led by Darla and volunteers, serves more than 340,000 meals annually and provides shelter to thousands of men and women with children. Food, clothing, and showers are also provided for those who choose not to shelter with CVRM.

“It is my honor to select Darla as the 28th Senate District’s 2019 Women of the Year,” said Senator Stone. “Her work and positive influence is a beacon of light and hope to the people CRVM serves across the Coachella Valley.”