Stone Legislation by Year: 2019 - 20182017 - 2016 - 2015

2019 Legislation

SB 340 -- End funding for CA High Speed Rail

SB 364 -- Veterans Property Tax Exemption

SB 393 -- Boating Under the Influence

SB 412 -- Developmental Services

SB 446 -- Advanced Practice – Hypertension

SB 476 -- Pharmacist in Charge

SB 491 -- Compounding Emergency Reserves

SB 525 -- Medi-Cal: reimbursement

SB 569 -- Controlled substances

SB 590 -- Court mandated Treatment (Casey’s Law)

SB 618 -- Penalty Enhancement for Falsifying a Police Report

SB 642 -- Public health

SB 666 -- Mental Health Diversion Fix

SB 694 -- Juvenile halls

SB 721 -- Foster care

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2018 Legislation

SB 1091 --  Declared Disaster Property Tax Relief

SB 1161 -- Metal Theft

SB 1174 -- Certified disclosures on Commercial Real Estate

SB 1188 -- 6-Beds Wage Order Fix

SB 1222 -- Suction Dredge Mining

SB 1229 -- Opioid Mandatory Consultation

SB 1240 -- CURES Database & ICD-10

SB 1254 -- Medication Profiles for High-Risk Patients

SB 1285 -- Patient Access to Pharmacy Services

SB 1322 -- CMM as a covered benefit under Medi-Cal

SB 1352 -- Tax Deductions for Special Needs Care

SB 1373 -- Pharmacist in Every Hospital

SB 1404 -- Pharmacist Exempt Status

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2017 Legislation

SB 352 -- Capital Gains Tax

SB 383 -- Yom Kippur as an Official State Holiday

SB 404 -- Veterans Property Tax Relief

SB 429 -- Park Model Homes as “Second Units” 

SB 451 -- Limit HOA Board Liability

SB 470 -- Extreme Eviction

SB 482 -- 6-beds Wage Order Fix

SB 499 -- DDS Bill

SB 510 -- Compounding – ISO Hoods

SB 528 -- Automated Prescription Dispensing System

SB 554 -- Nurse Practitioners Scope Expansion

SB 572 -- Fix-it Tickets for Non-Emergency Violations

SB 583 -- Financial Literacy in High School

SB 644 -- Forfeiture of Boat for BUI causing death

SB 676 -- Violent Felony Definition

SB 697 -- DVBA Mitigation

SB 729 -- Riverside County Funding Clean-Up

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2016 Legislation

SB 1104 -- Property tax: senior and disabled veterans.

SB 1126 -- Property taxation: inflation factor: senior citizens.

SB 1148 -- Personal income taxes: deductions: education expenses.

SB 1149 -- Personal income taxes: deduction: individual home ownership savings accounts.

SB 1217 -- Healing arts: reporting requirements: professional liability resulting in death or personal injury.

SB 1230 -- Pharmacies: compounding.

SB 1252 -- Health care costs: patient notification.

SB 1261 -- Physicians and surgeons: licensure exemption.

SB 1292 -- Grand juries: reports.

SB 1306 -- Consumer remedies: attorney’s fees and litigation costs: prevailing party.

SB 1321 -- Felonies: crimes committed while on mandatory supervision.

SB 1334 -- Crime reporting: health practitioners: human trafficking.

SB 1344 -- Domestic work employees.

SB 1373 -- CalWORKs: welfare-to-work: supportive services.

SB 1395 -- Crimes: animal abuse.

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2015 Legislation

SB 143 - Diamond Valley Reservoir: recreational use
This is a district bill that would designate Diamond Valley Lake as a bodily-contact lake.  SB 143 would allow residents and visitors to fully enjoy Diamond Valley Lake, and greatly expand recreational opportunities in the area.  The language within SB 143 clearly states that bodily contact cannot happen until the proper water treatment options for coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection are in place, in order to protect the vital water supply.

SB 149 - Investigational drugs, biological products, or devices: right to try.
This is the “Right to Try” bill, allowing a terminally ill patient, who has exhausted all other options, to try an experimental drug in order to save their life.  SB 149 ensures that terminal patients have the right to make their own medical decisions, while providing important legal protections for patients, doctors, insurance and pharmaceutical companies.

SB 240 - California Environmental Quality Act: exemption: renewable energy projects on disturbed land.
This bill provides an exemption under CEQA for specific types of projects that are restorative in nature, and provide a financial benefit to local/municipal government for the sale of the electricity.

SB 280 - Public employees: compensation.
This bill would require all state employees to receive their remittance sheet on their paycheck electronically, which would drastically cut down on the use of paper waste in the state of California.  Employees would still have the option to print the statement.

SB 281 - Boards and commissions: salaries.
This bill would lower the salary for numerous boards and commissions to a maximum of $12,000/year.  While most of the people on these boards and commissions do admirable work, these people who serve in these largely part time posts should treat their appointments as public service instead of full-time patronage positions.

SB 417 - Law enforcement: United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement holds.
This bill would require a law enforcement official to detain an individual on the basis of a United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold for up to 48 hours, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, after that individual becomes eligible for release from custody if that individual has been convicted of, or arrested for, specified crimes and if the continued detention of the individual on the basis of the immigration hold would not violate any federal law.

SB 495 - Income taxes: withholding: real property sales.
This bill would allow someone who sells a property to pay the Capital Gains Tax when they file their taxes, as opposed to just at the point of sale.

SB 587 - The State Athletic Commission.
This bill would require the State Athletic Commission to establish a task force to evaluate the impacts of weight cutting, dehydration, and rapid rehydration, as prescribed.

SB 590 - Pharmacy: intern pharmacists.
Makes a clarification in code stating that any student, after 2015, who graduates from an approved college of pharmacy, to have satisfied the 1500 hours intern hours needs to graduate.

SB 609 - Controlled substances: narcotic replacement treatment.
This would authorize the use of a federally approved controlled substances used for the purpose of substance abuse disorder treatment, which is currently not permissible under state law.

SB 638 - Developmental services: funding.
This bill will recommit California to sustainable community-based services for developmentally disabled (DD) people by providing short-term funding relief and launching a long-term reform effort to ensure viability, quality, and accountability for DD consumers in the community.

SB 639 - Developmental centers: closure.
This bill will recommit California to helping developmentally disabled (DD) people thrive in their own communities by completing the transition from outdated state developmental centers (DCs) at Fairview and Sonoma, to community-based services which are less expensive and run far more efficiently.

SB 666 - Felons: coming upon prison property.
Would update the list of Felons not allowed on prison grounds to include those who have been convicted of felonies in other states or have been convicted of a felony in a Federal Court.

SB 690 - Stalking.
This bill will help protect victims of stalking, domestic violence and sexual assault from their abusers by replacing the narrow, outdated definition of electronic tracking device currently contained in Penal Code Section 637.7 with the broader, more technologically updated definition of tracking device contained in Penal Code Section 1534.

SB 717 - Sentencing: great bodily injury: murder or manslaughter.
This bill would restore the Great Bodily Injury (GBI) Enhancement statute that was struck down by the California Supreme Court.  The GBI Enhancement provides that a person, who inflicts great bodily injury on another person in the commission or attempted commission of a felony, shall be punished by additional and consecutive terms of imprisonment.

SB 737 - Vehicles: electronic wireless communication devices: penalties.
This bill, in an effort to continue combating texting while driving, would double the base fines for texting while driving, and would add a point to the drivers DMV record.

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