Senator Stone Advocates Improving Care for Disabled Californians

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Sacramento, Ca. -- Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County) joined colleagues on the Budget Committee today in listening to testimony from community service providers who care for people with disabilities such as severe autism or epilepsy.

Payment rates for these services are typically set under state rules, but Governor Brown’s administration has refused to recognize the real costs that government policies impose and to compensate providers adequately.

“These providers care for our disabled neighbors, and I continue to be concerned about the high costs imposed on them by misguided policies like the minimum wage and the gas tax,” said Senator Stone. “We need to acknowledge reality—the people we are trying to help won’t get great services if providers can’t afford to hire great people. Last year I authored Senate Bill 499 to help compensate providers adequately, but Democrat leadership blocked that bill.  This year I am co-authoring Assembly Bill 2244 with Assembly Member Acosta to offer another opportunity for disabled people in our communities to get their needs addressed.  I hope that my Democrat colleagues will assist me in this effort.”