Senator Stone Earns 100% Mark from National Federation of Independent Business

Monday, February 5, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside) announced this week he has earned a 100 percent mark on the 2017 legislative score card from the National Federation of Independent Business -- California (NFIB/CA), the leading voice for small business in California.

Senator Stone is one of just 11 State Senators to receive the 100 percent mark, which measured lawmakers’ votes on 14 bills vital to the health of small business in California.

In total, just 22 of the 120 members of the State Senate and Assembly – all of them Republicans – achieved 100 percent scores.

“Every legislator claims to be a friend of small business, but our voting record puts them to the test,” said John Kabateck, NFIB/CA State Director.

Read the complete NFIB Voting Record here:

Read the NFIB Press Release here:

 “As a small business owner myself, I know the challenges these hard working Californian’s face every day,” said Senator Stone, a pharmacist who opened his first pharmacy in Temecula in 1983.  “I thank the NFIB for their support and will continue to work to defeat job-killing legislation that makes it hard to start and keep a small business in California going.” 

In his more than three years in the State Senate, and before that for more than two decades as a Riverside County Supervisor and a Temecula City Councilman, Senator Stone has never wavered in his support of the business community.

In 2017, in addition to his NFIB voting record, Senator Stone was one of just 10 legislators whose voting record was 100% in alignment with the Howard Jarvis Taxpayer’s Association.

Senator Stone is also one of 10 state senators to post a perfect 16-0 mark in the 2017 California Chamber of Commerce Vote Record of Major Bills.