Senator Stone Introduces Legislation to Defund "High Speed" Rail

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

(Sacramento, CA) – Senator Jeff Stone (R- Riverside County) has introduced Senate Bill 340, which will stop and cease the funding of California’s high-speed rail project.

This bill will prohibit the state of California from selling any further bonds relating to the purposes of the Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century. SB 340 will also provide that the unspent money pay off the debt incurred from the issuance and sale of the outstanding bonds.

“California’s High-Speed Rail is nothing more than the construction of an unsustainable and unachievable boondoggle dream,” said Senator Stone. “Voters approved this project with the hope of funding economic transformation. The state has instead mismanaged billions of dollars to deliver what is nothing more than a train track that may sometime connect Merced with Bakersfield.

“The Governor has rightfully admitted the promises made to voters in 2008 when they narrowly approved Proposition 1A have been broken, and it seems clear now is the time to cut bait and admit the fantasy has failed,” Senator Stone said. “We should stop throwing taxpayer dollars down the drain.”

SB 340 is currently awaiting referral to the proper Senate policy committee for consideration.