Senator Stone Introduces Legislation to Deter Metal Theft

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

(Sacramento, CA) – In an effort to combat a rising level of thieves stealing valuable metals like copper, iron and steel, Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County) has introduced Senate Bill 1161.

Metal theft has become an increasing problem for local businesses and farmers due to the high value of metals paid by recycling centers around the state.  “To help farmers and businesses who have irrigation pipes stolen and businesses that have their copper plumbing pipes stolen, I’ve introduced SB 1161,” said Senator Stone.

Under the legislation, individuals who turn in metal for recycling (excluding aluminum), will receive a tax credit instead of cash to be received when the person returning the metal files his or her individual tax return.  Recycling centers and scrap metal yards will no longer be able to compensate individuals with cash when receiving large quantities of metal.

“This legislation will help stop thieves who destroy a farmer’s irrigation system by stealing the metal pipes from going to a scrap metal yard and getting thousands of dollars in cash.  Instead, legitimate recyclers will be able to give a receipt to the individual turning in the metal that can be used to receive a tax credit,” said Stone.

Senator Stone concluded, “Millions of dollars a year are lost due to thieves who steal irrigation systems, rip out air conditioning units and literally take copper plumbing pipes out of the walls of homes being built.  SB 1161 will go a long way towards removing the financial incentive to steal these valuable metals.”

SB 1161 will be referred to a policy committee in the coming weeks where it will be debated and voted on.