Senator Stone receives perfect mark on 2016 California Chamber Vote Record

Senator continues to receive high marks for his support of California businesses
Friday, October 28, 2016

Senator Jeff Stone (R- La Quinta) is one of just seven state senators to post a perfect 17-0 mark in the 2016 California Chamber of Commerce Vote Record of Major Bills.

CalChamber released the results of their 42nd annual vote record this week.

“This record of my votes honors the promise I made when the people of the 28th District elected me to support California businesses and the hard working families that are the backbone of our state’s economy,” said Senator Stone.  “I applaud CalChamber, and other groups, that help shine a light on those in Sacramento who truly support the hard working men and women of California.”

This year, the CalChamber vote record covered 17 votes in the Senate and 16 votes in the Assembly.  Most bills in the vote record cover major business issues that are of concern to both small and large companies.

CalChamber publishes their report in response to numerous requests by member firms and local chambers of commerce that requested a gauge by which to measure the performance of their legislators.

To help readers assess legislators’ vote records bills are charted in seven areas: education, environmental regulation, health care costs, labor and employment, legal reform and protection, water supply and quality, and workers’ compensation.

In his nearly two years in the State Senate, and before that for more than two decades as a Riverside County Supervisor and a Temecula City Councilman, Senator Stone has never wavered in his support of the business community.

This year Senator Stone received a 100 percent mark for his voting record from the National Federation of Independent Business—California, the leading voice of small business in California.

He is one of just nine of the 40 California State Senators to receive a grade of “A” on the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s 2016 Legislative Report Card.

In addition, Senator Stone also voted 100% in line with California Taxpayers Association, the state’s largest and oldest organizations representing taxpayers, and received a perfect score for his votes to support California’s job-creating community from the California Manufacturers and Technology Association.

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