Senator Stone Responds to Governor Brown's State of the State Speech

Thursday, January 25, 2018

(Sacramento, CA) – In response to Governor Brown’s State of the State speech today, Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County) issued the following statement:

“Governor Brown today painted a rosy picture of California, and I would love to share his optimism.  But where he sees success in tax increases and bigger government, I believe California has prospered not because of government involvement but in spite of it.

“The pent up energy of the California economy is waiting to be unleashed.  The Governor today talked about program after program that puts more power into the hands of government bureaucrats.  Imagine how powerful California would become if we gave businesses relief from high state taxes, more regulations, and frivolous lawsuits.

“Unfortunately, this next year will prove especially challenging for small businesses and working families because it is clear the Governor and the Democrats in charge of Sacramento seem committed to putting more government into our lives and giving government bureaucrats more power.”

“As always, the Governor gave a great speech.  It was a nice coat of paint trying to cover up the dry rot that has been destroying the foundation of California’s fiscal house.”