Senator Stone Statement on Cap and Trade Bill

Monday, July 17, 2017

(Sacramento, CA) – The California State Senate today passed an extension of the controversial Cap and Trade program that will result in higher taxes and higher gasoline and energy prices for California consumers.

The legislation, AB 398, authored by Assemblyman Eduardo Garcia (D-Coachella); and AB 617, authored by Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia (D-Bellflower), will grant widespread additional powers to California’s Air Resources Board.

In response to the legislation passing, Senator Jeff Stone (R-Riverside County) issued the following statement:

“This package of bills is nothing more than a huge tax increase on California’s working families who will now have to choose between gasoline and food while making the Coastal elites who fly around the world in their private jets talking about global warming feel good about themselves.

“These bills were rushed through the Legislature today because the Democrats in charge of Sacramento need the tax revenue to pay for the Governor’s Choo-Choo-Train to nowhere and for more social programs.”

To listen to Senator Stone’s message to his colleagues in the Senate, please click on the following link:

“Today is a sad day in California because taxpayers, environmentalists, and consumers all lost.  Even worse, today was a day when nobody really won because this package won’t accomplish anything but will cost much,” Senator Stone concluded.