Senator Stone's bill to increase patient safety signed by Governor Brown

Monday, September 24, 2018

Sacramento, Ca. – Senate Bill 1254 by Senator Jeff Stone’s (R-Riverside County) to require a pharmacist at a hospital to obtain an accurate medication profile for each high-risk patient admitted to that hospital has been signed into law by Governor Brown.

The new law takes effect on January 1, 2019.  

Up to 70% of patients have errors on their medication lists or histories when they are admitted to hospitals and up to 59% of these errors have the potential to cause moderate to severe harm. Recent studies have shown an 80% reduction in medication errors when pharmacists and trained technicians obtained medication lists, in comparison to current standard care.

Such errors lead to significant harm to the patient and studies have shown that this problem also costs billions of dollars due to medication-related readmissions and adverse drug events.

SB 1254 will ensure that medical lists are accurate upon hospital admission for high-risk patients. By defining responsibility, errors to the medication list and errors in medication orders when patients are in the hospital will be significantly reduced.

The bill received unanimous support in both the Assembly and the Senate.

“This bill will enhance patient safety and reduce physician and hospital liability,” said Senator Stone. “I honestly believe this bill will save lives.”

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