Statement by Senator Stone on Democrats plan to raise taxes on California motorists

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

(Sacramento, CA) – In response to a tentative agreement on transportation tax increases reached today among Senate Democrats, Assembly Democrats and Governor Jerry Brown, Senator Jeff Stone (R-28th District) released the following statement:

“Only in California do the Democrats celebrate with a press conference and get giddy about Raising Your Taxes!

“Former Governor Gray Davis was recalled for increasing the car tax, and now, adding insult to injury, Democrats want to increase the gas tax motorists pay, which is already among the highest in the nation.

“This so-called plan is the latest assault on working class people the Democrats claim to represent and will make many hard-working Californians, including our seniors, choose between food and gas or medicine and gas.

“One thing we can all agree on – California’s roads and bridges are in terrible shape. Californians have known this for decades.

“In 2002 voters passed Proposition 42 –0 with 69 percent of the vote -- because it promised taxes and fees paid by drivers would be used for maintaining and expanding California’s roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure.