Statement by Senator Stone on the passage of SB 1 which raises taxes on California motorists

Thursday, April 6, 2017

(Sacramento, CA)-- In response to the passage of SB 1 tonight by the State Senate, Senator Jeff Stone (R-28th District) released the following statement:

“When are we going to learn?  The State Senate tonight passed yet another tax on hard-working Californians because we continue to fail the people by wasting money on programs we can’t afford.

Senate Bill 1 hurts the working poor and middle class families, the very people Democrats in the Legislature always say they are trying to protect.

Asking taxpayers to pay hundreds of dollars a year in more taxes when we’ve not spent one dime more on transportation from the general fund in years makes no sense.  We have plenty of money … we just need to spend it on the right priorities.

If we had used the transportation money that was supposedly guaranteed under Proposition 42 on actual transportation projects, we wouldn’t be have to reach, once again, into the wallets  of  California families to pay for the mistakes this Legislature and Governor  have made by wasting taxpayer dollars on programs we can’t afford.

If we need more money for transportation projects – which we do – why do we continue to divert $1 billion every year in transportation dollars to bail out the general fund?

Yes, our roads are falling apart.

Yes, our streets need repair.

If this Legislature simply had the courage to use money that we collect from our taxpayers to pay for the programs we promised the people that money would be spent on, we wouldn’t be in this position.”