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State Senator Jeff Stone honored by Easterseals California as Legislative Champion

April 5, 2017
Easterseals Awards State Senator Jeff Stone With 2017 Senate Champion Award

Fox&Hounds: Don't Give Volkswagen an Unfair Advantage

April 4, 2017
Last week, the California Air Resources Board heard from the public on Volkswagen’s $800 million spending plan for Zero Emissions Vehicle infrastructure, access, and education in California.

Sen. Jeff Stone to Congress: Reschedule cannabis

March 22, 2017
State Sen. Jeff Stone is asking his Republican colleagues in Congress and the White House to take cannabis off the DEA’s Schedule One classification, which is reserved for heroin and other drugs with high potency and potential for abuse.

Riverside County sheriff opposes state sanctuary bill

March 21, 2017
Riverside County Sheriff Stan Sniff joined a growing chorus of California sheriffs opposed to a bill that would turn the Golden State into a sanctuary state.

Three Murrieta firefighters honored for saving lives

March 9, 2017

Murrieta firefighters lauded for epic swift water rescue

March 6, 2017

California Republicans see a way out of irrelevance in the era of Trump

February 27, 2017

The Desert Sun: Why California Democratic leaders fear President Trump

February 12, 2017
It’s been almost a month since Donald Trump took the oath of office and was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Over that time, we’ve quickly learned why Democrats in California are panicked beyond belief – it seems they don’t fear Trump as much as they fear that his policies and...

Desert reps condemn or defend Trump's order

January 31, 2017

Press-Telegram: Senator Stone is an advocate, and user, of solar technology

November 25, 2016
Sunny California continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar installations, but that’s not what’s most surprising about the new numbers from state utility regulators.