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Will California cities get revelopment loans back? They aren't exactly sure

September 20, 2015
San Gabriel Valley Tribune - A bill meant to refine the process local governments recoup loans and property from the state’s now-defunct redevelopment agencies could have varying effects, good and bad, on California cities. “There’s a poison pill in here for probably every one of us,” said state...

California entering uncharted territory on clean energy

September 18, 2015
The Desert Sun - The Coachella Valley’s state Senator, Republican Jeff Stone, wrote a bill this year urging Congress to extend a 30 percent tax credit for solar energy. The bill sailed unanimously through the Senate, then passed the Assembly with just one dissenting vote.

All developmental funding bills -- even Republicans' -- should get a fair shot: Editorial

August 25, 2015
LA Daily News - And one of those Republican bills offers the best hope for a quick, desperately needed boost in funding for developmental services. It’s the only bill that offers any hope for relief this year, in fact. Senate Bill X2-4, by Sens. Jim Nielson, R-El Dorado, and Jeff Stone, R-Murrieta...

California senator proposes immigration holds on felons in country illegally

August 14, 2015
Los Angeles Times : Outraged by the recent killings of two California women allegedly by immigrants in the country illegally, a state lawmaker has proposed legislation to require law enforcement agencies to notify immigration officials of the pending release of any convicted felon improperly in the...

Democrats line up against police use of DNA

July 15, 2015
Sacramento Bee - Four state Senate Democrats blocked a bill that would have allowed law enforcement to collect DNA from people convicted of certain misdemeanors, potentially helping violent criminals avoid capture.

Steinle Case: Shooting spurs immigration bills by Inland lawmakers

July 7, 2015
Press-Enterprise - The shooting death of a woman in San Francisco, allegedly by an undocumented immigrant, is spurring two Inland lawmakers to seek a crackdown on cities with policies of not cooperating with federal immigration enforcement efforts.

Right to die bill passes California Senate

June 4, 2015
The Desert Sun - The California "End of Life Options Act" — otherwise known as SB 128 or "right to die" or "death with dignity" — passed the state Senate on Thursday, heading next to the Assembly.

Diamond Valley Lake: Launch ramp to be completed by fall

May 30, 2015
The Press Enterprise - Southern California’s largest drinking water reservoir is getting back into the boating business.

'Right to try' bills would let dying Californians use experimental drugs

May 22, 2015
Sacramento Bee - Arguments for Assembly Bill 159 and Senate Bill 149 echo the 1980s battles over HIV/AIDS medicine, when stricken patients implored the government to give them swifter access to not-yet-approved drugs. The newer right-to-try movement similarly decries the process of greenlighting...

Revised spending plan steeped in anti-drought funding

May 14, 2015
Press-Enterprise - Gov. Jerry Brown is proposing to spend an additional $2.2 billion for programs he says will help California deal with its punishing drought by conserving water, responding to emergency conditions and expanding local water supplies.