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JEFF STONE: Rains don't end state's water challenge

March 18, 2016
The Press Enterprise - It has been a good month for California water, but that doesn’t begin to make up for a lousy 10 years of mostly below average rainfall and snowfall and a statewide water system that isn’t working right. The recent storms may be enough to avoid an immediate crisis for many...

Tobacco tragedy prompts support of anti-smoking legislation

March 14, 2016
Los Angeles Times - Stone, a pharmacist, mentioned the Cole story on the Senate floor last week as lawmakers debated landmark anti-smoking legislation. They passed six bills and sent them to a non-committal Gov. Jerry Brown.

Senate approves raising smoking age to 21 and vaping regulations

March 10, 2016
Los Angeles Times - The state Senate on Thursday gave final legislative approval to bills that would regulate electronic cigarettes and raise the smoking age to 21 in California, sending them to Gov. Jerry Brown for consideration.

Sen. Jeff Stone introduces bill proposed by RMHS student

March 10, 2016
The Desert Sun - State Sen. Jeff Stone (R - Riverside) recently introduced a bill proposed by Rancho Mirage High School senior Alyson White that would increase penalties for animal abusers.

Health Care Tax Punishes Middle Class Families

March 3, 2016
FlashReport - The State of California has had windfall revenues for the past three years. At the same time, the State has shortchanged the developmentally disadvantaged and under-funded Medi-Cal so much that most doctors and other health care professionals won’t accept it.

Gov. Jerry Brown proposes $80 million to aid Salton Sea

January 8, 2016
The Desert Sun - Gov. Jerry Brown proposed a $122.6 billion budget Thursday that sets aside more funding during the 2016-17 fiscal year for education, health care and infrastructure as well as emergency wildfire services and the Salton Sea.

Sen. Jeff Stone weighs party, conscience in first year

November 11, 2015
Jeff Stone knows that the Republican official in Sacramento — a bird that flourished decades ago — is threatened with extinction. He said as much last March when he vowed to help re-engineer a more inclusive, thoughtful and relevant party, one that doesn't shove its ideology down people's throats.

Riverside: Volunteers salute wounded veteran with home improvement project

November 5, 2015
Retired Army Sgt. 1st Class Mark Romo had his second-floor bathroom and patio deck floor redone, courtesy of a program that helps veterans and active duty military members with home repairs.

Valley Voice: Iran deal makes for more dangerous world

September 26, 2015
Desert Sun - When it comes to national security, there has not been a recent issue more important to the safety of our nation than the nuclear proliferation agreement with Iran. An issue of this importance, of this magnitude, should NOT be made exclusively by one person, even in the United States...

The Legislature must find way to help vulnerable

September 20, 2015
Contra Costa Times - The developmental community received no help as California's 2015 legislative session ended on Sept. 11. Our elected representatives continued to demonstrate that their most vulnerable constituents are not high on their list of priorities.